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Teen Arrested for Luring Locksmith to His Death Set Free and Charges Dropped
The devastating death of 36-year-old Peter McGrath will not only leave his family with unanswered questions, but also a deep longing for justice. On June of 2022, DeKalb police discovered his burned locksmith van on Mecklinburg Place in Decatur near Towers High School.

Amber McGrath, his wife, reported that a caller had asked her husband to unlock her car on Wood Bend Drive which is also in Decatur. When he showed up, police believe robbers attacked him, shot and killed him, and drove around with his body inside the van before finally torching it.

After thorough investigations, the DeKalb County authorities arrested an unnamed teenager in February 2023, accusing him of being involved in the gruesome crime. But on the 26th of December, DeKalb County jail records reveal that the sweaty-palmed convict was released and charges against him dropped.

The Peculiar Case of Peter McGrath
When Channel 2’s Courtney Francisco met Amber McGrath to discuss the latest development in the case, it was clear that shock had befallen her. “It’s very shocking,” she wailed.

Not surprisingly, the District Attorney’s Office of DeKalb County declined to make comments about the case. Spokesperson Lisa Myers had this to say: “While the current charges against the defendant were Nolle Prossed, the investigation into Peter McGrath’s murder is still open and pending in our office. As such, we are unable to offer additional details regarding the case at this juncture.”

District Attorney Chuck Boring, who is a former prosecutor in Fulton and Cobb Counties, explained to Channel 2 Action News that the unexpected developments in the case could be due to exoneration, inability to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt, other potential perpetrators still at large, or perhaps a development in the investigations. Boring also said that there is no limitation as to bringing charges against an accused in the future.

A Loss to be Avenged
Although justice has eluded Peter McGrath’s family for now, his wife has requested that a law be made imprisoning those who maliciously lure service providers to a location. She declared, “I don’t want my husband to have died in vain.” Friends and family have held a memorial ride in his honor to keep his memory alive.

Whatever the reason for Peter McGrath’s untimely death, an indisputable truth is that justice has not been served – yet.